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Surgical mask Overcoming Barriers to Innovation in an Aging Marketplace - August 20, 2013 – In my recent Disruptive Demographics article I discuss both the need for real change to meet the needs of global aging and how innovation might be implemented to develop new markets, novel approaches to public policy and creative community partnerships. From the micro level of everyday things such as product packaging to [...]
FoxBusiness Coughlin on Multigenerational Workplace Working Past Retirement & Staying Competitive in a Multigenerational Workplace - August 1, 2013 – I had the pleasure of being interviewed on FoxBusiness to discuss my work and the research of the MIT AgeLab on the multigenerational workplace and working past ‘retirement’. Most surveys and behaviors of people nearing retirement age suggest that working longer is the new retirement plan. So how do we maintain [...]
Retirement couple Retirement Planning Advice from People ‘Who Have Been There, Done That’ - August 1, 2013 – To many, retirement planning is perceived as an exercise of numbers, what ifs and discussing how much? These are not incorrect questions, but they are incomplete. In addition to professional advice that addresses these issues, what might the advice be from people who are living in retirement? I asked ~200 MIT [...]
shutterstock_90597973 Does Age Predict Technology Adoption? - July 27, 2013 – Older consumers are not readily identified as lead adopters of new technology or services. However, is it age or experience and expectations that makes the difference in what a consumer chooses to buy, use and finally adopt? My recent post on Disruptive Demographics looks at the amazing similarities in adoption rates [...]
age-ready city Investing in the Age-Ready City - July 22, 2013 – Two trends are converging — urbanization and aging. Significant investments are being made to make cities sustainable, less congested, competitive, even smarter.  Today Americans over 65-years-old comprise 13 percent of the population. In a few short years one in five people will be over 65.  How well are cities and their leaders anticipating [...]
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